Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC attorneys have proven expertise in providing aggressive and cost-effective representation in all areas of employment law for its clients both in the Southeast and nationwide. We defend employers faced with charges filed with administrative agencies and at all phases of litigation. The firm has handled major individual and class action employment discrimination suits in both state and federal courts.

Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC attorneys assist major corporations as well as small to mid-sized employers. For smaller companies, the firm’s attorneys often serve in a role similar to an in-house attorney, providing guidance, advice, and representation during and even before litigation commences. For larger corporations and businesses with in-house counsel, we collaborate with in-house attorneys and management in developing defense strategies geared towards the best possible defense and outcomes for clients.

Discrimination and/or Misconduct Defense
Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC develops individualized strategies and action plans in responding to charges in numerous areas of alleged misconduct or discrimination, such as:

Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment claims can have damaging effects on a business. If your company is affected by one of these claims, our experienced attorneys will provide a vigorous defense.

If your company has been accused of terminating, demoting, or disciplining an employee based on the worker’s age, our law firm will protect your interests.

Gender discrimination can come in many forms, such as, harassment, unequal pay or career opportunities, pregnancy discrimination, and more. Our firm is prepared to respond to a wide range of accusations.

Accusations of race discrimination in a business setting can be complex and acrimonious. Our attorneys have the ability to help your company develop a strong defense or reach an effective resolution.

Our firm has obtained success for clients at both trial court and appellate levels in lawsuits brought by employees alleging religious discrimination.

Employers are required to make reasonable accommodations for disabled workers, but the definition of what is “reasonable” may vary greatly depending on the facts of the situation presented.

Wrongful Termination
Accusations of wrongful termination require a strong legal defense, and our attorneys are relied upon to formulate litigation plans to achieve the best results for clients in whatever industry or business scenario in which such claims may arise.

Whistleblower Claims
Whistleblowers are often afforded a number of legal protections, but those protections have limits. If your company has been accused of unlawfully retaliating against a whistleblower, contact our firm for a consultation.

FMLA and Wage and Hour Claims
We assist our clients in defending claims alleging violations of wage and hour laws under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), as well as litigation rooted in Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provisions, and many more.

Military Service or Veteran Status
A number of unique laws and regulations protect veterans’ rights. If your company has been accused of a violation, we can help.

Failure to Hire or Promote
Employers often face accusations of discrimination during the hiring and promotion process. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the applicable statutory framework and case law governing such claims, and we are uniquely qualified to manage and execute strong and effective litigation strategies for clients.

Day-to-day Counsel and Guidance
Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC frequently counsels its clients regarding strategies to avoid litigation at all phases of the employment relationship, including development and implementation of policies, training your management and/or workforce on state and federal workplace laws, and much more.