Fighting For Clients Nationwide

Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC attorneys have defended companies across the nation sued in toxic tort litigation for over 30 years. Our attorneys also successfully represented clients in mass asbestos litigation before the federal judicial panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL 875). Often, plaintiffs’ attorneys attempt to expedite the trial of a case, and defendants are faced with a trial date shortly after service of process. A short timeline requires representation by a firm ready to respond immediately. Our defense attorneys understand the issues that are uniquely involved in defending a serious toxic tort claim and are familiar with the courts’ procedures.

As the volume of new asbestos lawsuits declines, filings by the plaintiffs’ asbestos bar involve a larger percentage of mesothelioma, advanced lung cancer, and a wide range of other types of toxic exposure, including mold, diesel exhaust, solvents, benzene, silica, and lead. In addition to mass toxic tort claims, Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC  attorneys have the knowledge and experience to defend “secondhand” or “take-home” exposure cases, novel theories of premises liability, and alleged successor-in-interest liability, as well as traditional negligence and strict liability in tort theories.

Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC  attorneys know the plaintiffs’ attorneys, recognize recurring tactics, and understand what to expect in the preparation and trial of a case. Our attorneys have kept pace with the ever-evolving theories of liability as trial lawyers attempt to broaden their claims to locate financially viable defendants. Our attorneys are capable, experienced, and prepared to present state of the art defenses on behalf of its clients.

Our attorneys are always mindful of the importance of cost containment while assuring that our clients’ interests are fully protected. Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC uses its deep knowledge, scientific resources, and ongoing, strong working relationships with the top experts in pulmonology, oncology, occupational and environmental medicine, pathology, and industrial hygiene across the country, and engages proven experts who will provide strong, credible testimony about complex factual and medical issues in terms a jury will understand.

The lawyers at Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC have tried many toxic tort cases to verdict with outstanding results for our clients. The firm’s civil litigation practice encompasses representation of a variety of major corporate clients nationwide. We welcome inquiries from companies facing toxic tort claims and their insurers across the country.