Efficient, Results-Oriented Representation
of the Railroad Industry

For over 80 years, Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC attorneys have served as national and regional defense counsel for Class I railroads. The firm has represented one switching railroad in the St. Louis metropolitan area since that company’s inception in the 1890s, and its representation has broadened with the expansion of the short line railroad industry. Our firm’s unique combination of trial tactics, expert strategy, and savvy negotiation has led to numerous defense verdicts in even some of the most difficult jurisdictions. The firm has frequently been called upon by clients and industry trade associations to provide analysis and advice concerning defense strategy, legal trends, and legislative developments of special interest to the railroad industry.

FELA Defense
Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC’s trial attorneys have handled thousands of Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), Safety Appliance Act (SAA) and Locomotive/Boiler Inspection Act (L/BIA) cases for railroad clients.

 Occupational Exposure
Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC represents Class I railroads as national coordinating and trial counsel in their occupational exposure litigation, obtaining successful results for clients in preparing and trying occupational claims involving allegations of exposure to substances such as asbestos, diesel exhaust, benzene, silica, creosote, dusts, solvents, and other chemicals and products. This success has involved the exclusion of opposing medical causation and liability experts frequently utilized by the FELA plaintiffs’ bar.

Traumatic and Occupational Injury
For many years, the firm has also successfully represented railroad clients in other occupational cases, including repetitive stress/cumulative trauma/musculoskeletal, rough ride, whole body vibration, carpal tunnel and noise-induced hearing loss claims.The firm has achieved great results in handling numerous FELA, SAA, and LIA cases alleging serious injuries and significant monetary damages, from inception through appeals. The firm’s attorneys have aggressively deposed and cross-examined countless liability, medical, and damages experts often utilized by the plaintiffs’ FELA bar.

Grade Crossing Accident Response, Investigation & Litigation 
Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC’s attorneys have served as lead counsel to our railroad clients in responding to grade crossing accidents and defending claims arising from accidents involving individual or catastrophic injuries. Our firm has served as trial counsel for hundreds of serious grade crossing and trespasser suits involving potential catastrophic damage claims, with experience working cooperatively with all agencies at the scene of a serious accident, including government investigations.

FRSA Whistleblower Suits
Reifers Holmes Peters & LLC’s attorneys have extensive experience defending our Class I railroad clients in whistleblower claims arising under the Federal Railroad Safety Act, 49 U.S.C. § 20109. 

Additional Representation
Reifers Holmes & Peters LLC also frequently represents and consults our railroad clients in a variety of other matters, including trespasser claims, property damage claims, third-party claims against and on behalf of the railroad, and many more.